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Favorite Five Unilock Pavers of 2020

The Top 5 Unilock Pavers at AreA

We tallied the numbers, and these are the top retail Unilock Brick Paver styles – the Favorite Five – for 2020!  Follow the list below if you are planning a new patio and looking for inspiration!

AreA's Top Unilock Brick Pavers of 2020


Brussels Premier

Brussels Premier is similar to Brussels Block (see below), but with the added manufacturing technology of EnduraColor. An antiqued finish and texture gives the look of natural quarried stone. The 3 different sizes of Brussels Premier can be combined into over 20 different laying patterns to achieve different looks for patios, driveways, walkways, banding accents and more.  Alpine Grey, Bavarian Blend, and Sycamore are the color choices; the most popular at AreA Landscape Supply for 2020 was Bavarian Blend.


Holland Premier

The Holland Premier paver is a single-size, classic rectangular brick paver.  It is made using Unilock’s Enduracolor technology, for a refined surface and long-lasting color. Use Holland Premier in borders & accents, walkways, and even driveways;  Laying patterns can be running bond, herringbone, or basket weave.  Even though there are 7 available colors, our biggest seller was Dark Charcoal (a new addition for 2020!).



Hollandstone, or just Holland for short, is a brick paver with a classic rectangular shape and a slight bevel.  Holland is great for patios, walkways, driveways and commercial projects. Simple laying patterns and ease of installation contribute to its widespread appeal.  Our top Hollandstone colors this year are Sierra, River & Granite.


Beacon Hill

Inspired by natural cut flagstone, the blended colors and distinctive texture of Beacon Hill Flagstone has a relaxed look and feel, with all the benefits of Enduracolor™ technology.  Also available is Beacon Hill Smooth, which offers a smooth surface texture for a sleek, modern look. Beacon Hill Smooth also offers a more contemporary color palette, including monochromatic color choices.  Our most popular for 2020: Beacon Hill Flagstone in Alpine Grey and Beacon Hill Smooth in Granite Fusion.


Brussels Block

Brussels Block is the original tumbled paver, first introduced to North America by Unilock in 1993. These pavers are literally ‘tumbled’ in a drum to create an antiqued patina that brings timeless warmth and a relaxed appearance to any project. Today, Brussels Block is available in a number of colors and continues to be a popular choice for rustic driveway, patio and walkway projects.  Sierra, River, and Sandstone are the Brussels Block colors to top our list for this year.  However, Brussels Block Sierra is the color that tops the list for 2020 at AreA!