Remarkably strong and stable, Unilock® curved and angular walls, seat walls, planters, and other components add instant beauty and privacy to flower gardens, patios and outdoor kitchens. In the picture to the right, Brussels Dimensional Stone in Limestone is shown with Unigrantie Slate accents.

Brussels Dimensional Stone

The antiqued appearance of Brussels Dimensional Stone is a great alternative to expensive natural stone products. These highly adaptable units can be used to build planter walls, steps, edge restraints and specialty features. It can also be used as a heavy-duty paver for driveways and high-traffic areas that require extra strength.

Small Tapers NOT available in Limestone.

Granite color is only available in Small Tapered Unit. (4/2019)



Brussels Fullnose™

When a hard edge or corner won’t fit into your landscape plan, this tumbled paving stone offers the perfect solution. With its smooth, rounded exposed edge, it’s ideal for pool edges, the front of steps, and as edging around driveways and walkways.

Discontinued Color 2021: Limestone



6×12 Fullnose

Much like Brussels Fullnose, this smooth (un-tumbled) paver coping is ideal for pool edges, the front of steps and as edging around areas like driveways and walkways.

Discontinued Color 2021: Limestone



Cumberland Wall™

The chiseled, natural stone look of Cumberland gives freestanding or retaining walls a refined appearance. Available in a 3-shape bundle with corner units available, these 6” tapered blocks are ideal for constructing seat walls, fire features, grill islands, pillars, steps, curved or straight garden walls and retaining walls. Pair it with Ledgestone caps or natural stone coping to complete the look.



Estate Wall

The unique antique-textured finish of this classic wall recreates the appearance of natural ledge rock to add a regal touch to landscape plans, regardless of how elaborate. Versatile, multiple length units allow you to create virtually any seat wall, planter, step or pillar design.

Discontinued 12/2019: 3″ Corner & Wall, in all colors.

3” & 6″ wall available in Granite, River, Sandstone & Sierra.




With its remarkably natural appearance, Ledgestone provides a unique blend of ruggedness and elegance. Its pitched edges and three color options work interchangeably with any wall for maximum design flexibility. Unilock’s universal coping system adds a sophisticated touch to any landscape.

Discontinued 2021: 36″ Ledgestone Steps, all colors



Lineo Dimensional Stone

Contemporary and sleek lines define Lineo Dimensional Stone with a linear multi-length plank look. Ideal for garden walls, pillars, other outdoor vertical elements, Lineo Dimensional Stone offers up modern design and exceptional flexibility.

Discontinued Color 2021: Sandalwood



Olde Quarry

Whether your outdoor design plans call for constructing a curved wall, seat wall, edging or a more complex outdoor kitchen, the antiqued finish of Olde Quarry will give it an air of sophistication. Its weathered appearance makes it the perfect alternative to expensive natural stone products.



Pisa XL

Pisa XL is previously known as, “Pisa 2.” This retaining wall block is great whith a steep slope that needs taming. The built-in setback design of Pisa 2 automatically forms the correct slope, ensuring a sturdy and highly stable retaining wall. The product’s tapered components also allow you to easily create eye-catching curved walls and steps.

Discontinued Size 2021: Tapered / Wall Unit in all colors



Rivercrest Wall

Stacked flagstone has been used for centuries for small garden walls and pillars. With Rivercrest™ Wall, you get the character and flexibility of natural stone combined with the durability and affordability of concrete.



Siena Stone

Want to make a strong, dramatic statement with your design? Anchor it with the impressive profile of Siena Stone. Each stone weighs over 450 lbs, making it an ideal solution for most heavy-duty load-bearing applications, including walls or treads in large outdoor staircases.




The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System represents a revolution in wall design. This patented system, exclusive to Unilock, is comprised of two basic components: Sure Track backer blocks provide dimensionally accurate structure and U-Cara fascia panels provide unlimited design options.

Discontinued 12/2019: The color Opal in 6″ Pitched Panels and Closed-End Pitched Panels

Smooth Face is available in 3″ & 6″. Series Finish is only available in 3″




*Some sizes are subject to special order or sold by full pallet only. Custom colors may be available—minimum quantities apply. Section fee on partial brick pallet orders. Restock charge on all approved returned material only. Pallet deposit charged on Unilock, Rivenstone and Yorkstone pallets. Usage fee on all Unilock pallet returns. Call for direct load pricing. Delivery charges vary—see delivery rate sheet.

Unilock is a trademark of Hengestone Holdings, Inc.