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Top 8 Brick Pavers of 2018

pavers of 2018

Top 8 Brick Pavers of 2018

pavers of 2018

Top Brick Pavers of 2018

Again expanding on our Top 5 Stone List from 2014, we have compiled a top choices list of Brick Pavers of 2018.

Below are the top 8 Unilock brick paver styles at AreA Landscape Supply.  A good mix of Classic, EnduraColor, and EnduraColor Plus styles made the list.  Join in the countdown to find what tops the list for pavers of 2018!


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Olde Greenwich Cobble

Unilock’s Classic paver, Olde Greenwich Cobble®, has rounded corners and a subtly dimpled surface. This is a veteran in the brick paver industry that can be used in multiple installations, including driveways.



Thornbury™ is from Unilock’s EnduraColor line.  It has a refined surface and long-lasting color.  Thornbury can be installed as a driveway, and is ideal for both standard and permeable installations.



There is a timeless appearance of Old World clay pavers with Copthorne’s® deep, rich colors.  Copthorne is an EnduraColor Plus product that is cast from historic brick, is up to 4x stronger than poured-in-place concrete, and can be used in driveway applications.


Artline Smooth

The long, clean lines of Artline reflect minimalist, modern outdoor designs. This Unilock paver is an EnduraColor product with an EasyClean stain resistance treatment.  It can be used in driveways and is also available in two other texture finishes.


Bristol Valley

Bristol Valley brings a moderate surface texture to Unilock EnduraColor products.  It does have the EasyClean Stain Resistance technology.  The standard Bristol Valley thickness cannot hold vehicular loads, but can be special ordered in 8cm.


Brussels Block


Brussels Block® pavers are Classic Unilock with rough-hewn edges. They have an Antiqued finish that delivers timeless style and distinctive “Old World” beauty for driveways, walkways and patios.



Unilock Hollandstone™ is another Classic brick paver.  It has the traditional appearance of a crisp rectangle that can be set in a huge variety of laying patterns in all applications, including driveways.


Beacon Hill Flagstone

Beacon Hill Flagstone™ is created with Unilock’s EnduraColor technology to refine the surface and extend the life of the color.  The factory-stocked paver sizes cannot be used in driveways, but an 8cm thickness is available for special order.  Ask about the difference between traditional finish, and smooth.