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Top 5 Decorative Stones of 2014


Top 5 Decorative Stones of 2014


Welcome to our 2014 Top 5 list of decorative stones.  Decorative Landscape Stone at AreA Landscape Supply is available in Bulk (tons), and by the bag. We have a variety of over 20 different stones. (CLICK HERE to view our entire Decorative Stone selection.) Colors range from a pristine white New York Marble to Black Lava Rock, and the sizes are just as diverse. Considering all of the options could be a daunting task to some. To make the decision a bit less intimidating, try choosing from our top 5 best-selling stones of 2014!

Top 5 Most Popular Decorative Stone Colors:

Large Bark Nuggets

Large Bark Nuggets have the look of weathered wood chips and coloring that is mostly brown tones with some grays. The stones are fairly lightweight and generally about the size of a golf ball, however, dime-sized pieces are a common occurrence. This stone is similar to Autumn Smoke (see below).

Slate Chips

As the name eludes to, this stone has the appearance of a gray slate chips. The thin layered fragments of this stone could also be described as shale-like. The deep gray color glistens in the sunlight. The characteristics of this stone provide a strong contrast and a unique, but sophisticated, appearance.

Autumn Smoke

Autumn Smoke is darker than Large Bark Nuggets, consisting mostly of charcoal grays with some brown tones. The texture is porous and lightweight. Neutral house color schemes could benefit from the deep neutral tones found within Autumn Smoke.

American Heritage

A mixture of bold and pale colors that include creamy white stones, beige stones, gray granite & pink granite. The surfaces of the stones are mostly smooth, with some tumbled stones as well. The size of American Heritage can roughly be compared to the size of an egg.


Meramec is a stone family that comes in a medium and a large size, large being the most popular at just bigger than a golf ball. The colors are bold shades of gold, caramel and tan. These stones have a textured surface and inconsistent shape which leads to a more rustic landscape.