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Staff Favorites: Decorative Stone

staff favorites

Staff Favorites - Decorative Stones

staff favorites

We asked around the AreA Landscape Supply staff: What is your favorite Decorative Stone Choice?  If you haven’t already, what would you like to install in your own yard?  Share your favorites!

These are some of the answers.  Perhaps our list will help with your decorative stone selections.

Royal Gorge

Royal Gorge is a medium-sized stone mix that runs about 1 1/2″ Rock Size.  Colors are a great blend of mostly rust, a variety of orange shades & tints, along with a white-pink quartz, and a few brown quartz-like stones.  This may be just the right contrast to light beige siding, or homes with brown architectural accents (such as trim, shutters, doors & corbels).

Slate Chips

This stone has the appearance of a gray slate chips, hence the name. The thin layered fragments of this stone could also be described as shale-like. The deep gray color glistens in the sunlight. The characteristics of this stone provide a strong contrast and a unique, but sophisticated, appearance and is great for a more modern, or transitional design.

Bark Nuggets

Bark Nuggets have the look of weathered wood chips and coloring that is mostly brown tones with some grays. The stones are fairly lightweight and generally about the size of a golf ball, however, dime-sized pieces are a common occurrence.