• Unilock® Classic Pavers

    The classic paver was introduced more than 45 years ago in a variety of shapes and colors. The product mix of large and small aggregates is consistent, from top to bottom, with color mixed throughout. The Unilock Classic pavers exceed all ASTM standards for quality and strength. They’re available in traditional paver shapes and a variety of textures including smooth, dimpled or tumbled. Now available in a wide assortment of textures, styles, shapes and designs, there’s a Unilock Standard Paver to add real value and envied curb appeal to any home. Pictured to the right is Brussels Block Sandstone with Il Campo Heritage Brown & Granite accents.
    standard pavers

    Brussels Block®

    While the irregular shapes of Brussels Block® pavers create a one-of-a-kind pattern, their rough-hewn edges give the appearance of timeworn cobblestone. The result is a design that delivers timeless style and distinctive “Old World” beauty for driveways, walkways and patios.




    This permeable paver is also produced using face-mix technology that will increase the durability of the product and provide better color retention. An array of custom colors and finishes offer unlimited design flexibility to complement a variety of landscapes and architectural styles.




    A simple, yet elegant rectangular shape, gives Unilock Hollandstone™ a traditional appearance that blends well in a variety of settings. Available in a wide range of colors, this single-size paver can be laid in various patterns for maximum design flexibility.

    Discontinued Color for 2022: Rustic Red




    Gentle surface clefts and clean edges give Westport an elegant and relaxed look. The varying rectilinear stone sizes, provide for that classic flagstone appearance that is compatible for both traditional or modern landscapes.




    *Some sizes are subject to special order or sold by full pallet only. Custom colors may be available—minimum quantities apply. Section fee on partial brick pallet orders. Restock charge on all approved returned material only. Pallet deposit charged on Unilock, Rivenstone and Yorkstone pallets. Usage fee on all Unilock pallet returns. Call for direct load pricing. Delivery charges vary—see delivery rate sheet.

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