Unilock® Select Pavers
Elegance & EnduraColor

Unilock Select® products incorporate the most advanced manufacturing techniques in the industry to create the next generation of pre-cast concrete pavements. Far stronger and easier to install than conventional poured concrete, Unilock Select pavers capture the look of natural stone without the inconsistencies. Unilock Select is comprised of EnduraColor and Elegance pavers (formerly EnduraColor Plus pavers). Pictured to the right is Unilock Courtstone in Basalt-Belgian Blue Custom Mix.


Granite, quartz and marble are exposed in the fine blasted surface of these large format slabs to deliver brilliant color and a non-slip surface. The silky, matte appearance of Arcana is further enhanced with EasyClean Stain Resistance for easier cleanup of spills.



The long, clean lines of new Artline reflects an emerging trend to minimalist, modern outdoor designs. Look for Artline in an exclusive number of colors that can be used separately or combined together to create graphic interest. Artline’s smooth & antiqued finishes offer Easy Clean Stain Resistanetm technology for a refined surface resistant to stains.