Outdoor Hearth Accessories

We carry Master Flame Outdoor Gas Log Systems, Safety Screens, and Fire Grates. The superior craftsmanship and quality is consistent among all of the accessories offered. Natural gas burners are Stainless Steel and come in 21″, 24″ and 30″ kits. Screens come in various shapes and sizes in addition to the fire grates. Standard, See-thru, Round & Oval Grates are available for standard fireboxes and any design fire pit. Recently added items include stainless steel round fire ring burners and Fire Glass Media for gas-burning fire pits and fireplaces.

Safety Screens®

Fire Pit Safety Screens are available for either square or round fire pits. It keeps the hazardous embers from sparking and scattering around the gathering area, yet allows the warmth and lively glow of the fire to come through. The hinged design allows access for simple fire management, especially when working with larger diameter fire pits. To choose a screen size, use the inside diameter of your fire pit and match it to the size range in which it falls below.



Fire Grates®

Fire Grates are made of welded 5/8″ carbon steel bar stock, or Stainless Steel for durability. The thinner the bars on the grate, the faster you will burn through them! Even in a fire pit, it is best to use a grate. Raising the logs off of the floor of the fire pit will allow better air circulation to keep the flames burning. When choosing a log grate, leave a few extra inches of space from the edges of the grate to the walls of the fire pit or fireplace.



Fire Glass Media

Add a unique, contemporary and elegant ingredient to your outdoor fireplace or fire pit with Fire Glass Media. Be the talk of the town and have one of the newest and greatest products on your patio! The half-inch glass pebbles have such an amazing effect on the flames. Standard and reflective colors available; also available in quarter-inch for smaller applications. How much do you need? CLICK HERE to use our Fireglass Material Calculator.



Outdoor Gas Log Sets®

These outdoor gas log burner systems are comprised of a 100% Stainless Steel framework, grate and burner set. All stainless mechanical parts are coated in a high heat-resistant, electrostatically applied, weather-resistant black finish to reduce visibility when placed within a fireplace or fire pit. Units are Natural Gas only, and include: burner system, log set, black lava rock and bendable gas line with compression fittings.



Natural Gas Log Lighters®

Gas log lighter kits are for natural gas only. Log lighters can be used in outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. They are used to aid starting a real wood fire, instead of lighter fluids. Burner pipe, mixer valve with adjustable air shutter, ball valve, brass flange and 3″ brass key are included in each kit.