Landscape Tools & Accessories



Dead Blow- 2 lb., 4 lb., 7 lb., 14 lb.
Urethane Dead Blow- 2 lb., 3 lb.
Hand Hammer- 4 lb.
Rubber Mallet- 2 lb.
Sledge- 8lb
Pick Mattock
Hand Tamper
Single Bit Axe


Hand Tools

Aviation Snips
Paver Extractor
Paver Extracting Tong Blades
Paver Lifter
Caulk Gun, Professional- 10oz, Quart
Caulk Gun, Utility- 10oz, Quart
Utility Knife & Replacement Blades
Wide Chisel with Hand Protector


Marking Tools

Carpenter Pencil
Handy-Marker Handheld Applicator
Marking Chalk, Red- 8oz.
Marking Spray Paint- Red, Pink, White
Mason Twine #18 x 275′
Metal Chalk Box 100′
Rolla-Marker Paint Applicator
Soapstone Marker & Holder
Surveyor Stake Flags- 100p/bundle


Measuring Tools

Measuring Wheel, “Pro” 1-Meter
Measuring Wheel, Executive Roadrunner Compact
Tape Measure, Standard 25′
Layout Square 3’x4’x5′
Speed Square


Levels / Screeds

Line Level
Masonry Shim
Orange Johnson Level, 24″
Sola Combo Screed Level- 39″, 78″
Sola Screed Level- 98″
Screed Level- 60″
Sola Big X Box Level- 10″, 16″
String Along Line Level Collar


Paver Lifter

Handheld Lifter with 2 Batteries & Charger


Rakes / Brooms

Aluminum Landscape Rake- 36″
Bow Rake, 16 Tine- 60″ Fiberglass
Leaf Rake, 24″ Poly- 54″ Wood
Mulch Fork, 5 Tine- 48″ Wood
Mulch Fork, 10 Tine- 48″ Wood
Black Broom, Smooth Surface- 24″
Green Broom, Rough Surface- 18″, 24″


Safety Apparel

Gloves- Cotton, Leather, Wonder, Thermal, Nitrile
Hi-Viz Hoodie
Hi-Viz Shirt


Safety Tools

Kneeling Mat
Caution Barricade Tape
Dust Mask
Knee Pads with Plastic Cap
Safety Glasses
Shrink Wrap
RZ Mask & Replacement Filters- L, XL
Blue Poly Tarp- 8’x10′, 10’x12′, 10’x20′, 16’x20′
Mesh Tarp- 8’x10′, 10’x 12′, 10’x16′
Black Tarp Straps- 31″
Quickloader Strap- 3,000 & 4,500
Ratcheting Straps- 2″x27′


Saw Blades

Boar Hog Premium Blade Cup- 4″, 7″
Boar Hog Premium Diamond Blade- 4.5″, 7″, 14″
Boar Hog Super Red Diamond Blade- 14″
Turbo Brick Masonry Blade- 10″, 12″, 14″


Shovels, Fiberglass

Aluminum Scoop- 29″
Drain Spade- 27″
Garden Spade- 29″, 47″
Round Point- 29″, 47″
Square Point- 26″, 48″
Post Hole Digger- 48″


Shovels, Steel

Drain Spade- 26″
Round Point- 29″, 48″


Shovels, Wood

5″ Trenching Spade- 48″


Wheel Barrows

6 Cu. Ft.- Steel, Poly
8 Cu. Ft. Poly- 1 Tire, 2 Tires
6″ Replacement Turf Tire
Replacement Handles, Pair