Landscape Lights & Parts

Landscape Lighting is a great addition to any property. It will accent cornerstone trees and shrubs, illuminate a sidewalk or pathway, and give an overall dramatic appearance. In addition to the curb appeal benefit, landscape lights can also create and add night-time safety. The vast assortment of available types of Landscape Lights will meet your individual style while meeting the requirements of your landscape and hardscape surroundings.



WAC Landscape Lighting

Customize style, construction, finish, accessories, and temperature color. Ask associate for full details.

Deck Lights

Path / Area Lights

Path Lights

1″ Recessed Ingrounds (Indicator)

Mini Ingound

Tape Lighting

Submersible 2″

Landscape Accent

Landscape Mini Accent

Wall Wash

3″ Ingound

Step Lights

Hardscape Lights

WAC Accessories


Lighting Accessories

Low Voltage Wire

Spools of 500′ & 250′
Gauges: 14-2, 12-2, 10-2