Colorfalls™ Lighted falls

Nothing transforms a nighttime landscape like multi-colored lights shimmering through rushing water. With Colorfalls™ Lighted Falls, you can enjoy your beautiful waterfall day and night.

Colorfalls™ Lighted Waterfalls

Colorfalls™ Kits

12″, 24″ and 36″ Kits Available
Colorfalls™ and Basin
TidalWave 2 Pump
10′ of 1-1/4″ Flexible PVC Pipe
Kit Includes—Splash Mat, Pump Discharge, Glue, Cleaner, Thread Sealant, Colorfalls Brush & Fittings

TidalWave 2 Pumps

6 Models Available
Asynchronous Pond Pump
From 0.9 to 4.15 Amps
From 110 to 130 Watts
Maximum Flow—From 1290 to 6000 gph
32″ Cord Length


Triton Plumbing
Rock Lids
FallsFoam and Accessories
Installation Parts and Accessories
FilterFalls Parts and Accessories
Skimmer Parts and Accessories




ColorFalls is a trademark of Atlantic Water Gardens.