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We now carry Eden Stone!

New Products! Eden Stone

Exciting New Products at AreA Landscape Supply

This year, 2021, we have Eden Stone products available!  See below for Eden Stone natural stone in lawn edging, outcropping, drywall, and flagstone elements.  “Real Stone. Real Character.”  The history begins in Wisconsin, founded in 1950 as a simple gravel yard.  By the 1960s, the product lines and markets expanded.  Now, the company is widely recognized for superior quality and durability with 10 quarries and 4 processing facilities.


Available by Special Order in 2 colors: Eden Premium & Chilton

Thickness: 1-1/2″ to 2″

Coverage: 80 – 100 square feet per ton

Steppers provide beauty and function, but in more manageable sizes.  They are perfect for sidewalks because the smooth texture is easy on bare feet.  While the Eden color is very neutral, the Chilton contains rich lavender, blue, gray and rust tones.

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Drywall, 8`` Depth

Colors: Eden, **Chilton, **Mountain Crest

Thickness: 2″ – 3″ & 3″ – 4″

Coverage: approximately 20 face feet per ton

Eden Drywall is white to light gray which buffens as it ages.  It is known for straight lines with tight tolerances for faster installation.  Mountain Crest Drywall also has straight stackable lines, but with shades of gray.  In contrast, Chilton Drywall has a variation in thickness that can occur throughout the layers.


**Special Order Colors

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Lawn Edging Stone

Colors: Eden, **Chilton, **Mountain Crest, **Oakfield

Sizes: 4″D x 4″H x Random Lengths

Coverage: Approximately 110 Linear Feet per ton

Lawn Edging defines and separates planting areas from other landscape elements and also functions like a “cobble” when tightly stacked.  It also makes an excellent paving material for walkways, patios and driveways.


**Special Order Colors

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Outcropping Split Face

Color: Eden

Small Sizes: 8″ – 20″L x 8″ – 20″D x 6″ – 12″H

Medium Sizes: 2′ – 3’L x 1′ – 2’D x (6″ – 10″H, 8″ – 12″H)

Large Sizes: 3′ – 4’L x 18″ – 30″D x (6″ – 10″H, 8″ – 12″H, 13″ – 16″H)

Eden Outcropping has long been known as the “straightest material in the state [of Wisconsin].”  The gray, buff and golden hues of Eden Outcropping are versatile enough to fit any application.