Planning Fall Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care

Fall Steps for a Greener Spring

The funny thing about Fall lawn care is that it can actually be thought of as getting a head start on Spring. We’re not just prepping for winter; we are creating an exceptional environment for plants to wake up to in Spring.  Follow the tips for each topic below to help your lawn be at it’s best!

Grow new grass.

Fall provides an ideal and steady temperature range for the seeds to sprout. Take the time to address the areas that suffered a bit this summer. Plan accordingly for the size of the area. When over-seeding, square foot coverage will be greater per bag than when planting new. 5 and 50 pound bags available.


Think of fall lawn fertilizing as taking extra Vitamin C during cold & flu season. Instead of building up an immune system, grass roots will grow stronger to protect the blade above. Soil testing can reveal the specific nutrients present and missing in your soil. Choose a fertilizer mix based on the results. Also, consider foregoing the last run with the mower; the longer the grass means a little more warmth for the roots.

Spread some mulch.

The roots on trees and shrubs will be happy and warm with a layer of hardwood mulch. The mulch will act as a blanket. To help decide on the quantity of mulch needed, know that 2″-3″ is an ideal thickness. Use a Material Calculator and the coverage listing for each type of mulch to decide on the quantity needed.

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