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Landscape Lights for Fall

fall safety

Create Fall Safety with Landscape Lighting

Fall Safety with Landscape Lights

Believe it or not, fall safety an landscape lights can be directly connected.  Daylight hours are diminishing and Daylight Savings Time will soon come to an end. How might this affect your lifestyle? You will pull up to a dark house after work. Visitors will be parking in a dark driveway and walking along a dark side walk. The dog will be let out into a dark yard. Avoid the dreadful dark; Brighten your nights with landscape lights and create fall safety, in addition to accents to the architectural elements of your home!

Already have Landscape Lighting?

Great job!  The potential benefits are already there, now just make sure that fall safety is at it’s peak.

Check that all components are in working order:

  • Replace burnt-out bulbs (beware of bulb type & temperature!)
  • Repair, or replace broken posts / shades / housings / mountings
  • Replace defective Photo Cells
  • Set timers to appropriate on / off times
  • Adjust clock-based timers with the “Fall-Back” time change



Bulb Color Chart(Kelvin Temp)
Digital Timer(X-TM-D)
Digital Timer(X-TM-DM)

Need Landscape Lighting?

No problem!  We can help you get started and sort through the options to give the optimum fall safety scenario.

Installation of low-voltage landscape lighting can be either a do-it-yourself, or a professional project. To start, a lighting plan should be made that includes the general placement & type of lights, placement of transformer, and the location of an existing power source (GFCI outlet).  You can also contact us for a free estimate from a Local Contractor.


Wiring Diagrams
Energy Cost Chart