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Choose a Brick Paver Style


Choose a Brick Paver Style


How to choose brick pavers

For anyone trying to choose a brick paver, there is an over-abundance of choices from many manufacturers.  It can be very daunting.  The topics below outline why Unilock products are the perfect place to start and reduce stress.  Choose the best brick paver style for any application using these points, as well.

Consider the following elements to be confident in a paver product selection:

Application Type

A homeowner’s project design should begin with careful consideration of how the space will be used. Will the brick paver installation see vehicular traffic (as in a driveway), or pedestrian traffic (as in front entrances, walkways, patios, & pool decks)? Following the recommendations for each paver block and application type is essential for quality, durability, and longevity.

*This chart should only be used as a guide. Site conditions, base materials, pattern, and frequency of use are variables that can alter the performance.

Paver Selections

There are over 30 brick pavers found within the Unilock product list. This wide variety is broken down, by product features, into four main categories:

Classic pavers are designs that have been requested year after year. This is a timeless, transitional mix of pavers, some of which have been in the Unilock line-up for 40 years.
StoneMark pavers have the texture and color of natural stone, but the durability and precision of a manufactured paver.
EnduraColor divides the thickness of a paver into two parts, the base and top layer, which enhances the strength and lasting color.
EnduraColor Plus combines EnduraColor traits with the, “best of the best,” ingredients to create the highest-performing architectural finishes.


Unilock realizes that style is unique to everyone. The widest selection of exclusive products is presented to you by Unilock to help create your own custom one-of-a-kind outdoor space; the best selection to express any style.

The numerous color and style choices, in addition to the possible laying patterns and accent borders, truly allows for each homeowner’s individuality. There is even a UVISION Kiosk in the AreA Landscape Supply showroom to help visualize your end result. View the Unilock Brick Pavers product line by clicking here, or view this year’s five most popular paver styles below.

Top 5 of 2015

Our best-selling Unilock Pavers for 2015 are: Hollandstone, Brussels Block, Camelot, Beacon Hill, and Holland Premier.

View the Top 5 Decorative Stones from last year to see how they compare!