Building a Grill Surround

grill surround

Grill Surround Building Steps

A common element to a backyard patio is a Grill Island, or an Outdoor Kitchen. A Grill Surround is a way you can achieve the look and ambiance using a cart-style grill.  Did you view our selection of wall block to choose the style & color of your grill surround?

Step 1

Measure existing elements.

Measure your cart-style grill.

Dimensions needed, but not limited to:

  • width
  • depth with lid open
  • depth with lid closed
  • height to the cooking surface
  • overall height.

Other items that may affect the opening dimensions of the grill surround:

  • side shelves
  • gas supply
  • etc.

Step 2

Plan the size & shape.

Plan the opening width, & opening depth of the grill surround based on the above factors. Height can be determined by actual grill dimensions, personal preference, or function. Helpful stats: typical counter height= 36″, typical bar height= 42″.

R/L Pillars + Back Wall
Series of Walls Only

Step 3

Prepare a sturdy base.

Establish a foundation, or base pad, to support the structure. The purpose is to prevent any tipping, or settlement of the surround and doubles as a level surface for your grill. Your design may consist of a combination of pillars & seat walls; if so, verify the guidelines of those elements.

Step 4

Begin setting the blocks.

Begin setting your first layer. Ensure all blocks are leveled from side-to-side and front-to-back. Offset all vertical joints with a block cut in half. When using “keyless” units, it is a best practice to “tie in” around corners and use an adhesive.

Step 5

Placing the cap row.

Once the desired height is achieved, place your final row of blocks. Fullnose coping units, pillar caps, or a custom granite/stone countertop can be used. After dry-fitting the top & final row, glue all pieces using our concrete adhesive.

Step 6

Choose a brick sealer.

(Optional) Consider using a paver sealer on your Grill Surround Coping Units. Food prep is messy! Grease and stains can be left behind – avoid the frustration. Cleaners & Sealers