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Beginning an Installation


How to Begin an Installtion


Installation – Before you begin

How, or where to begin is often the most complex part of any job.  Hardscape installation isn’t any different.  So, you have made the decision to tackle an outdoor project yourself: installing brick pavers, or a retaining wall. Now what? PLAN & PREP!

1) Plan!

Start with sketches & diagrams; think both horizontally and vertically in all cases.
Measure existing structures that will dictate shapes and placements (doors, air conditioning units…). Mark dimensions & grade elevations appropriately.

Decide on the amenities (outdoor kitchen, built-in grill, fire-pit, water feature, lighting, etc.) you want your patio to have now, and in the future. Looking at this now, may alleviate the need to tear up anything down the road.

Select style and color of pavers and wall block. Verify that your selection is the best type of product for your installation. Ask the AreA Landscape Supply sales staff for a quote.

Products you may need:

  • Paver/Wall blocks, accent pavers, coping/caps, steps
  • Base Gravel (3/4” crusher run gravel/sand mix)
  • Bedding Sand (coarse concrete sand)
  • Jointing Sand
  • Edge restraint
  • Drainage Pipe
  • Filter Fabric
  • Adhesive

2) Prep!

Call JULIE, 8 – 1 – 1 , to locate buried utilities. Also, check nearby utility boxes for any additional phone numbers.

Mark out perimeter & placement.

Reference utility location & depth with our Base Thickness Charts.

Use our Common Formulas to help calculate the quantities of the necessary materials.

Tools you may need:

  • Wheel barrow
  • Rake
  • Level
  • String
  • Tape Measure
  • 3# Mallet
  • 3” Masonry Chisel
  • Masonry Saw and/or guillotine
  • Shovel
  • Hand Tamper or Gas-powered Compactor
  • Gloves
  • Safety Glasses