2022 Top 10 Decorative Stones

Did you order any decorative stone for your landscaping project this year?  If yes, did it make it on our Top 10 list??  If no, use this list as a guide for the landscape update you are planning for next year.  Welcome to the 2022 edition of our Top Ten Decorative Stone Countdown!!


Our top 2 stones from 2021 are AGAIN the top 2 stones for 2022!  5 stones moved up on the list, while 2 stones had upsets moving down, and New York Marble was kicked right off the list!  CLICK HERE to view the AreA Landscape Supply Decorative Stone choices.  More options can also be found HERE on our gravel web page.

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New York Marble


Never before seen on our top decorative stones list!  New York Marble is a crisp white stone with a rough and jagged appearance.  The sizes do vary slightly, from approximately 3/4″ to 1-1/2″.  The stones shimmer in the sunlight and are a great high-contrast choice.


Western Sunrise


Last year, this stone made it’s debut on our top ten list at number 8, but has dropped one spot this year.  Western Sunrise has a color range that is found in the rock formations of our desert regions. It has an overall color of a bold orange with light oranges, dark reds and browns.  It is a stone with rough and rustic texture that falls between 3/4″ and 1-1/2″ in size.  This stone will provide a great accent to your home.




Last year, this stone was behind 1 spot at number 9; this year it simply swapped places. Pink Tifton is a stone with rough texture and jagged edges.  The color range found in the Pink Tifton mix is a blush to mauve, and many more shades in between.  Overall general appearance has a shimmer throughout that can be found in large and small sizes.


Autumn Smoke

Autumn Smoke is darker than Large Bark Nuggets, consisting mostly of charcoal grays with some brown tones. The texture is porous and lightweight. Neutral house color schemes could benefit from the deep neutral tones found within Autumn Smoke.  A stunning shock for 2022, this stone option moved down a whopping 4 spots!


Shooting Star


Shooting Star is was new to our stone choices in 2020.  It surprised us by making the Top Ten List in it’s first year at AreA Landscape Supply.  It made the top ten for the third year & even moved up in popularity AGAIN!  Shooting Star is a bold, grey, stone with varying shades from light grey to almost black.  As with most decorative stones, the color is most vivid when wet.  There is a slight shimmer to the unique Shooting Star stone as well.  These stones are irregular-shaped with jagged edges and are roughly 1-1/2″ in diameter.


Large Bark Nuggets

Large Bark Nuggets have the look of weathered wood chips and coloring that is mostly brown tones with some grays. The stones are fairly lightweight and generally about the size of a golf ball, however, dime-sized pieces are a common occurrence. This stone is similar to Autumn Smoke (see above).  Large Bark Nuggets is another decorative stone to move up one spot from 2021 to 2022.


Slate Chips

After sitting at the 5 spot for the last 2 years, Slate Chips has moved again!  As the name eludes to, this stone has the appearance of chunks of gray slate. The thin layered fragments of this stone could also be described as shale-like. The deep gray color glistens in the sunlight. The characteristics of this stone provide a strong contrast and a unique, but sophisticated, appearance.  This is a great accent for houses with gray siding, or roof shingles in the gray/black family.


Flint Stone

This stone moved up one spot from last year.  Flint Stone consists of deep, bold, saturated hues of rusty reds, burgundy, browns, medium and dark greys.  The stones are mostly smooth with some irregular-shaped jagged pieces.  This color-popping stone would be a great accent to a low-maintenance, predominantly green landscape.  Flint Stone comes in both a medium and a large size.  See the samples in person for the best comparison.



Meramec is a stone family that comes in a medium and a large size, large being the most popular at just bigger than a golf ball. The colors are bold shades of gold, caramel and tan. These stones have a textured surface and inconsistent shape which leads to a more rustic landscape.  This stone choice has had 2 consecutive years at #2!


American Heritage

American Heritage is holding the top spot on our countdown for the second consecutive year! This decorative stone is a mixture of bold and pale colors that include creamy white stones, beige stones, gray granite & pink granite. The surfaces of the stones are mostly smooth, with some tumbled stones as well. The size of American Heritage can roughly be compared to the size of an egg.