Unilock® Tumbled Pavers

With their reduced edges and corners, Unilock® Tumbled Pavers provide a naturally aged look to add timeless aesthetic to any home or landscape. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, tumbled pavers allow you to create a random or fixed pattern, with textured surfaces and rich earth tones to replicate European cobblestone. Pictured to the right is Brussels Block Sierra with Unigranite Rose Accent.

Brussels Block®

While the irregular shapes of Brussels Block® pavers create a one-of-a-kind pattern, their rough-hewn edges give the appearance of timeworn cobblestone. The result is a design that delivers timeless style and distinctive “Old World” beauty for driveways, walkways and patios.

Brussels color, New York, is discontinued; only limited quantities are available.



Brussels Fullnose™

When a hard edge or corner won’t fit into your landscape plan, this paving stone offers the perfect solution. With its smooth, rounded exposed edge, it’s ideal for pool edges, the front of steps, and as edging around driveways and walkways.




Like its architectural wonder namesake, Stonehenge® paving stones evoke a feeling of aged tranquility and natural harmony. Available in four unit sizes, these pavers allow you to create a random or fixed pattern that’s pleasing to the eye in its simplicity and elegance.

Not available as Circle Bundles any longer.


*Some sizes are subject to special order or sold by full pallet only. Custom colors may be available—minimum quantities apply. Section fee on partial brick pallet orders. Restock charge on all approved returned material only. Pallet deposit charged on Unilock, Rivenstone and Yorkstone pallets. Usage fee on all Unilock pallet returns. Call for direct load pricing. Delivery charges vary—see delivery rate sheet.

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