Fire Pit Safety

5 Steps to use a Fire Pit Safely

Whether you have a fire pit, or are considering adding one to your yard, safety should be a top priority. Begin with a thoughtful consideration of placement and be consistent with preventative measures. These steps are also be helpful when using a fireplace as well.

  • Choose a safe location on a non-combustible, stable surface at least 10’ from a house/shed. Never underneath a structure or roof.
  • Add a dome-shaped Safety Screen to reduce jumping sparks & flying embers.
  • If wood-burning, use only dry, seasoned wood and avoid lighter fluid (or similar substances) to start the fire.
  • If gas-burning, use a long-stem match or long-handled lighter already lit & placed over the burner BEFORE opening the gas valve.
  • Helpful items: fire extinguisher, sand, garden hose, fireplace poker & tongs, long insulated hearth gloves

*check with your local building codes for detailed & specific requirements.