Create Fall Safety with Landscape Lighting

Daylight hours are diminishing and Daylight Savings Time has come to an end. How might this affect your lifestyle? You will pull up to a dark house after work. Visitors will be parking in a dark driveway and walking along a dark side walk. The dog will be let out into a dark yard. Avoid the dreadful dark; Brighten your nights with landscape lights!

Already have landscape lighting?

Check that all components are in working order.

  • Replace burnt-out bulbs (beware of bulb type & temperature!)
  • Repair, or replace broken posts / shades / housings / mountings
  • Replace defective Photo Cells
  • Set timers to appropriate on / off times
  • Adjust clock-based timers with the “Fall-Back” time change


Bulb Color Chart(Kelvin Temp)
Digital Timer(X-TM-D)
Digital Timer(X-TM-DM)

Need landscape lighting?

Installation of low-voltage landscape lighting can be either a do-it-yourself, or a professional project. To start, a lighting plan should be made that includes the general placement & type of lights, placement of transformer, and the location of an existing power source (GFCI outlet). A Future blog post on installing landscape lighting is coming soon! You can also contact a Local Contractor for a free estimate.


Wiring Diagrams
Energy Cost Chart

Landscape Lights & Parts